DH Undergraduate Assignment Samples: TWESSAYS

I used Twessay assignments in CONCEPTS AND COLLABORATIONS IN  DIGITAL HUMANITIES I (DH1001) in 2015. This is inspired by, and indebted to, Jesse Stommel’s article in Hybrid Pedagogies on “The Twitter Essay.”


Twitter Essay Sample Assignment Description:

[Insert Date]: Your essay title is tweeted using the above hashtag
[Insert Date]: Submit your response using the above hashtag by 4pm.

  • Aside from the deadline, the only rule is that you must include #[Insert Hashtag] somewhere in your tweet.
  • You may include other hashtags, links, images, etc. But it must make use of the 140 characters
  • Explore any aspect of openness that interests you
  • Take your time and compose your twessay carefully, making sure every character of your tweet is necessary and meaningful.
  • As you work, think also about the components of a traditional essay: a hook, an argument, supporting evidence, etc
  • While you can take creative license in how you interpret the word “essay,” you should at least be able to make an argument (if pressed) for how your Tweet functions as an essay.

[Insert Date]: Post your 500 word critical response to the Twessay on your blog AND via the correct Turn-It-In assignment as a Word Doc/PDF by [Insert Time].

  • Peer-to-peer engagement and evaluation is important.
  • Respond to your own tweet and 1-2 others in your critical response. Responses should be a focused analysis, interpretation or argument about your chosen twessays.
  • Embed your tweet and the other/s that you choose in your blog post.
  • It is encouraged that you include other media in your blog posts, such as images, links, and audio-visual materials that are relevant to your argument.
  • All materials must be referenced in accordance to the reference style you have chosen to use (MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.)
  • The URL for your blog post must be included in your Word Doc/PDF.

Here are my students’ Storified responses to two Twessay assignments: