TEACHING SAMPLE: Contemporary Research: Skills, Methods and Strategies (EN6009)

Contemporary Research: Skills, Methods and Strategies (EN6009) is a team-taught module that introduces postgraduate students in the School of English MA programmes to a range of skills, methods and strategies needed to conduct quality literary research. My role is to focus on developing students’ digital literacy. We use, blended learning, flipped classroom and self-directed learning in this module. It’s a collaboration between staff in the School of English, Digital Arts and Humanities, and the Boole Library.

The assignments that I am involved in are:

The annual mini conference that we ask students to organise and present at. I mentor them throughout the process and introduce them to the kinds of digital tools and technologies they may use to disseminate their work and advertise the conference. Some of the students’ responses to the event can be viewed below:

Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: A Reflection

#Textualities16: Keeping Up with the Conference

Textualities 2016 Mini-Conference: An Experience Not to Forget

Textualities ’16: Blogging Back

My Textualities16: A Reflection

The Research Journal that students must maintain throughout the year using WordPress blogs. Some samples can be viewed below:

An English Man in West Cork

Modernity and Beyond

Irishness and Beyond


Beating Around the Beowulf

An in-class assignment of my choice; in 2016 I asked students to participate in a Wikipedia Editathon, the particulars of which can be viewed here. See here for the Storify of the event, and below for samples of student responses to the assignment:

Taking Our New Skills for a Walk

Wikipedia Editathon

#EditWikiLit: Ask Not What Wikipedia Can do for You. . .

Wikipedia: Not So Unreliable Afterall 

Wikipedia and the Harley Lyrics