Did the Dog Eat Your Empathy?

In the past academic year alone students have come to me about a range of issues that have effected their performance and attendance in my modules: bereavement, physical illness, mental illness, coming out to their families and friends, pregnancy, financial struggle, work commitments due to financial struggles, sexual assault, homesickness, relationship break-ups. None of my … Read more

Some Thoughts on Creativity

Some #graffiti in #CorkCity provides a good message today for #dayofdh2016 and #uccdigitalis pic.twitter.com/0A7tQR4fSF — Donna M. Alexander (@americasstudies) April 8, 2016 I spotted this graffiti art on my way into UCC last Friday morning the 8th of April, DAY of DH 2016. It had been a few weeks since I walked this route, and although … Read more