DH Undergraduate Assignment Samples: Storify Essays

My students in Concepts and Collaboration in Digital Humanities II (DH2001) were asked to construct Storify Essays in 2015. A sample of the assignment details is below:


Storify Essay

Create a Storify Essay that responds to the following question:

What are the big questions in your minor discipline and how does the digital humanities impact them? (Examples of appropriate topics include: “The Impact of Open Access Mapping Software in Human Geography,” “Language Learning and the Digital Classroom,” etc).

  • Curate data that corresponds to the central question or questions that you identify. These may include tweets, memes, gifs, images and websites that relate to your topic. These should be organised in a meaningful order.
  • Introduce, explain and annotate your choices using 1000 words.
  • Your Storify should contain a minimum 8-10 resources, and a bibliography of any primary or secondary sources used.
  • When completed, your Storify should be embedded in your blog with an accompanying abstract of 150-300 words.

Some samples of student Storify Essays: