Conference Papers and Invited Talks


“Re-animating Miss Chiquita in Lorna Dee Cervantes’s ‘Bananas.'” Process and Practice: Adaptation Considered as a Collaborative Art. University College Cork. 3-4 October 2014.

“‘Long Poems as Big Poems'”: Lorna Dee Cervantes’s Approaches to Docupoetry.” Pathways, Explorations, Approaches: A Research Symposium on Mexican and Mexican American Studies. University College Cork. 4-5 June 2014.

“Representations of Violence in Gloria Anzaldúa’s “We Call Them Greasers.” New Directions in the Performance of Violence and Trauma in the Hispanic World. University College Cork. 8 May 2014.

“‘Bananas or Worry. What Do You Say?”: Miss Chiquita Banana Reanimated in Lorna Dee Cervantes’s Docupoetics.” Women Then and Now: Spanish Women in Film, Theatre, and Television. Trinity College Dublin. 25-27 June 2013.

“Lorna Dee Cervantes and a Transnational Poetics of Protest.” FWSA Biennial Conference, University of Nottingham, UK. 21-23 June 2013.

“‘This Shit is Bananas!’: Peeling Back the Layers of Miss Chiquita in Lorna Dee Cervantes’s ‘Bananas.'” Bookends 2013: Virtue and Vice. University College Cork. 6-7 June 2013.

“Childbirth, Maternity and Writing Metaphors in Gloria Anzaldúa’s “La Vulva es una Herida Abierta [The Vulva is an Open Wound].” The Department of Hispanic Studies Research Seminar, University College Cork. 30th November 2012.

“Coloniality, Transformation and Commemoration: Lorna Dee Cervantes, W.B. Yeats and a Transatlantic Continuum of poetry.” The Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference, University College Cork. 9th-12th July 2012.

“Ventriloquising the Borderlands: Gloria Anzaldúa’s Dramatic Monologues.” The Postgraduate Hispanic Studies Conference of Ireland and the UK, University College Cork. 8th-9th June 2012.

“‘God Hates Fangs’”: Southern Stereotypes in the Opening Credits of True Blood.” Bookends VI: Deviance (Annual School of English Postgraduate Conference), University College Cork. 30th-31st May 2012.

“Other[ed] Voices in Gloria Anzaldúa’s Postcolonial Dramatic Monologues.”Irish Association for American Studies Annual Conference, University College Cork, Ireland. 27th-28th April 2012.

“Americas Studies.” The School of English PhD Slam. University College Cork, Ireland. 15th September 2011.

“Anti-Capitalist Critique and Travelling Poetry in the Works of Lorna Dee Cervantes and Rage Against the Machine.”Transitions and Continuities in Contemporary Chicano Culture. Centre for Mexican Studies, Department of Hispanic Studies, University College Cork, Ireland. 24-26th June 2011.

“‘Love American Style’: Race, Identity and Cultural Tyranny in Showtime’s Dexter.” Bookends Conference 2011. School of English, University College Cork, Ireland. 30-31st May 2011.

“Women, Borders and Geocorporality in the writings of Gloria Anzaldúa.” Literary Dynamics of Place: Crossing, Settling, Circulation. Ustinov College, Durham University, England. 08 April 2011.

“Feminine Wounds and Wounded Women in the Writings of Gloria Anzaldúa.” College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences Graduate Studies Conference, University College Cork, Ireland. 20 November 2010.


CASiLaC ECR Seminar Series: “‘An Array of Strategies and Techniques’: Lorna Dee Cervantes’s Docupoetry.” 24th February 2016. UCC.

Letters of 1916: Cork Launch: Invited Speaker: “Teaching with Letters of 1916.” 26 November 2015. UCC.

Bookends Tenth Anniversary Conference: Keynote Speaker: “Curious Parallels in Lorna Dee Cervantes’s ‘Letters to David: An Elegiac Mass in the Form of a Train.” 24 April 2015. UCC.

Red: The Cork Feminista Film Collective: Screening of Frida: Invited Speaker: “Frida: A Woman/Artist in Control of Her Image.” 23 April 2015.

Crowd-Sourcing Scoping Study Roundtable: Invited Participant. 18th October 2012. KCL.

Comparative Literature Association of Ireland First International Conference: Invited Speaker: “Cyber Martyrs and the ‘Irreverent Artist: Alma López’s Virtual Identity.” 28th- 30th June 2012. (Invited by the MA in Comparative Literature Class of 2011-2012). UCC.

Postgraduate Module on Editing Skills, Invited workshop: “Academic Blogging and Social Media Integration,” April 2012. UCC.

CACSSS Postgraduate Conference: Invited Speaker, Plenary Session: “Aigne and Scholarly Publishing.” 12 November 2011. UCC.