#AcWriMo Update: Explorations in Peer Review, Data Collection, and Losing Myself in the Chthulucene

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Unfortunately, I have not been able to maintain the kind of momentum I was so optimistic about at the beginning of the month in terms of blogging on a weekly basis. Part of this is due to the demise of my beloved old laptop. It went out with a whimper instead of a bang and this caused delays, frustrations and swear words.

However, this has been a very productive research month. I am currently in the middle of a collaborative peer review process with Hybrid Pedagogy, responding to feedback and planning out the edits based on reviewers’ feedback, and some I have suggested based on my own reflections. This has been a really productive process. Being able to have a conversation with reviewers doesn’t just allow me to respond to their feedback; I can make my own suggested changes, inspired by a fresh reading of the draft as well as by the new thoughts provoked by their ideas.

This is not something that I have experienced in prior blind peer review experiences. Considering the fact that I have another article going through double-blind peer review right now and am completely out of the loop in terms of how that’s going, who is reading, and what they are thinking about my work, I am a complete convert to the collaborative model. In fact, as an early career scholar who still has relatively fresh memories of the comforting presence of doctoral supervision, I have to say that I think the collaborative model is one that every ECR who is feeling the stark absence of mentoring should undergo. I have also just agreed to give a talk based on the aforementioned article in two weeks time, so that’s going to be a priority from now on.

I have also been collecting data for the 30Days4Science project, and happily finding that a significant chunk of the research I have needed to date is open access. When an article has not been openly available, the majority of authors have been happy and speedy about sending me on copies of their research. That’s all good news.

I also FINALLY received my copy of Donna Haraway’s new book, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene. I can’t be blamed for committing myself more to reading that fabulousness in lieu of blogging. Check this out (more blogging on this in due course!).

Hopefully the remainder of #AcWriMo will see a rise in written productivity from me. In the meantime, I am quite satisfied with the chunk of research that I have managed to carry out amid a rather hectic teaching schedule, and under the shadow of an intimidating pile of ungraded exam papers sitting on my desk.

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